The ODROID-SHOW is the Arduino compatible that lets you see what your ODROID or PC is thinking using a small 2.2” TFT LCD.

You can show colorful texts and pictures via USB interface with VT100/ANSI style commands without big HDMI monitor. You can connect this tiny display to your ODROID as well as Mac, Linux PC, Windows PC even an enterprise server.
The form factor is designed for stacking on the ODROID-U3 and it comes with some PCB spacers and a USB cable.
There are I2C, ADC, GPIO pins for further expansion. We will introduce an add-on board with some sensor chips.
You can make it portable device with on-board charger by adding a 750mAh Li-Po battery. Because of very low power consumption, this is very useful for Wearable projects.


- ODROID-Show2 Board with 2.2inch TFT LCD Module
- 4 x 20mm PCB spacer (Plastic)
- 4 x 11mm PCB spacer (Metal)
- 4 x 10mm PCB spacer (Plastic)
- 1 x USB2.0 Type A to Micro-size Type B Cable


Data sheet

ATmega328P at 16Mhz
2.2inch 240 x 320 TFT-LCD(SPI 8Mhz interface)
MCU/LCD Voltage
3.45 V from CP2104 on-chip voltage regulator
Serial Port Settings
baud rate : 500,000 bps(0.5Mbps), Stop bits: 8-N-1, No H/W, S/W Flow Control
Host Interface
USB to UART via on-board CP2104
60mA @ 5Volt
Input Power
3.7 ~ 5.5 Volt
Return Warranty
No Returns
Manufacturer Warranty
No Returns

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