Assembly service is not only covers assembly but also provides each motherboard QA testing to avoid any DOA or damaged item ship to the customer. To track the equipment, serial numbers (barcode) are also available on the bottom sticker for inventory tracking and warranty purposes.

Following are the deliverables under this service.

Complete assembly of Enclosure (CASE1Dx/CASE2Dx,CASE4D), APU Board, Storage (mSATA or SD Card), Heat Sink with thermal pad, bottom rubber feet, SMA Connector cut-out covers and CorpShadow's custom bottom sticker with Model, FCC Statement, Serial number and hardware certifications logo. After assembly power up system for initial test. 

For customization of Label or additional services please contact us through Contact Us Page.

Note: Wireless Kit, or any other card assembly on APU Board is not included.


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