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We are keeping all the power adapters of different products here regarding keep it smooth for you to find all available options.  We are continuously adding new items here to serve you better. Contact us for any special requirements for your project.

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The ODROID-M1 is a single board computer with a wide range of useful peripherals developed for use in a variety of embedded system applications. 

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The IP based Power Switch is a simple product that automatically power-cycles any device when internet connectivity is lost or you want to do it manually. This is one of the best power solution for remote locations where you have to send tech only for power cycle.

12V/1.5A Power Supply (EU)

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This adapter can be used with ALIX.1 boards, which require 12V power. Not recommended for other ALIX boards, which have the 2.1 mm instead of 2.5 mm jack.Compact size AC adapter, saves space on power strips.

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