Dive into a comprehensive range of off-the-shelf embedded solutions tailored to meet diverse technological needs. From powerful single-board computers (SBCs) perfect for rapid prototyping to versatile System on Module (SoM) combo kits that enable seamless integration, our collection promises unmatched flexibility and efficiency. Explore beyond the mainstream and discover a myriad of tools and kits designed to expedite your development journey, irrespective of your project scale or complexity. Ideal for both hobbyists seeking plug-and-play solutions and enterprises in need of reliable, scalable hardware, our offerings ensure you're always a step ahead in the embedded world..

Our collection includes an extensive range of preinstalled systems equipped with open-source software tailored for advanced networking and security tasks. This suite features notable solutions like pfSense and OPNsense, among others, providing versatile, robust options for both personal and professional use in managing network.

Embedded Systems

Leveraging our expertise in integrating modules and boards into intricate systems, CorpShadow offers "off-the-shelf" solutions through our ARM and x86 SBCs catalog. Our Fanless Embedded Computers, tailored for Industrial IoT applications, prioritize flexibility and security. Discover the options waiting for you.

Industrial Boards

Our selection of industrial boards and carrier boards meticulously designed to cater to the demands of various System-on-Module (SoM) and industrial applications.  Our boards offer unparalleled versatility. Our solutions empower your projects with exceptional performance and storage capabilities.

Core Boards

Experience peak performance with  Core boards featuring cutting-edge NPUs. With versatile RAM configurations, WiFi 6, 5G/4G support, and diverse video I/O interfaces, these boards excel in applications like smart NVRs, cloud terminals, IoT gateways, and more, adapting to your distinct needs.


Discover endless geek enjoyment with our sleek and compact device, boasting potent performance. It's a versatile delight, supporting multiple OS options and boot-up methods. Featuring a robust quad-core processor, 4K ultra-HD decoding, and more, it's a must-have for tech enthusiasts.

Cluster Servers

Unleash unparalleled computing prowess with our 2U rack cluster server, scalable up to 72 core boards. Its high-density, hot-swappable design ensures seamless component replacement without downtime. With versatile OS support and integrated BMC remote management, it's perfect for virtual desktops, cloud applications, gaming, and more

OEM/ODM Services

We specialize in hardware customization to tailor solutions that perfectly fit your unique needs.

Global Shipping

We offer drop shipping and direct shipping options, ensuring seamless delivery globally.


Crafting tailored system designs with bespoke branding to match your vision.

Boingfire BFN4K

Boingfire BFN4K

Fanless Intel Atom E3845, a quad-core processor with
Max. 8GB RAM and versatile storage choices

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