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When it is the time of integration, OEMs and Solution providers always looking for low power and high-performance machines, if you think that you are on the same boat, then you are in the right place. Here in this category, we are adding a vast variety of different machines, where you can find Fanless, ARM, 4G, AMD, Intel-based, Mini-ITX systems or any. Our low cost but high-quality hardware is part of many success stories in North America and many other regions of the world. These hardware solutions cater from micro-business to large enterprises. Our team of professionals can offer you many possibilities by keeping your budget in focus.

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Based on the Core-3308Y high-performance open-source platform, equipped with industrial case and efficient fanless cooling system, high-temperature resistance, 7X24 stable work, and with rich interfaces for high applicability.

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It is a miniature and high-performance embedded computer which is equipped with Rockchip RK3328 quad-core Cortex-A53 64-bit processor, supports multiple operating systems and the performance is stable and reliable, and with powerful hard decoding capability and rich expansion interface.

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Based on AIO-3399ProC AI open-source platform, industrial-grade metal case and fanless design configured, with high-efficiency heat dissipation ability, supports for multiple operating systems which can run stable and reliable. EC-A3399ProC has ultra-strong AI performance and rich expansion interfaces,which can be applied to various intelligent products easily.

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IHC-3308GW is a four core 64 bit processor rk3308b dedicated to IOT; it fully supports 4G LTE, Nb IOT, Lora communication; it has double 100M Ethernet ports and RS485, can, RS232 control interfaces, and supports national commercial password security algorithm; it is widely used in industrial 4G routing, IOT Internet of things, automation system and other industrial fields.

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The embedded computer is equipped with Rockchip quad-core processor RK3568 which is configured with dual-core GPU and high-performance NPU, supporting up to 8G RAM. It supports POE+ power supplying, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and WiFi 6 wireless transmission. Providing various interfaces, it is suitable for applications such as smart NVR, cloud terminal, IoT gateway and industrial

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The embedded computer is equipped with Rockchip quad-core processor RK3566 which is configured with dual-core GPU and high-performance NPU, supporting up to 8G RAM. Providing various interfaces, it is suitable for applications such as smart NVR, cloud terminal, IoT gateway and industrial control.

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Based on AIO-3399C high-performance platform and adopts capacitive 10-point touch screen and industrial-grade enclosure, supports 4K hardware acceleration, dual-screen identical display/dual-screen differential display and has rich interfaces.

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Equipped with 10-point IPS touch screen and 2M WDR dual-lens camera, the tablet PC has M.2 and SATA3.0 interfaces, enabling expansion with large hard drives. Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and WiFi 6 are supported. It can be used in medical places, industrial automation, commercial advertising, express cabinets, order taking and other fields.

Cluster Server R2

Price US$18,896.80
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This standard 2U rack cluster server can be configured with up to 72 core boards, providing remarkable computing power. With high-density hot swap design, it is convenient to replace the components without shutdown. Supporting various systems, the server is installed with BMC remote management system that supports customized development. It can be used for - virtual desktop, cloud phone, blockchain, cloud gaming, facial recognition server, app cloning, etc.

Cluster Server R1

Price US$2,631.20
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As a standard 1U rack-mounted server based on ARM architecture, it builds a multi-core AI acceleration cluster platform by means of multi-core board combination, has super computing power, and provides standard hardware and software interfaces, supporting Docker, suitable for edge computing, cloud gaming, virtual desktop and other scenarios.

Station M1 Geek PC

Price US$94.90
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Thin and mini. Powerful performance. Easy to start. Station M1 supports various Operating systems and bootup ways, supplying endless geek fun. You can remotely control the device through station app, which makes you enjoy playing everywhere.

Station M2

Price US$130.00
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Station M2 is empowered by RK3566 quad-core 64bit Cortex-A55 processor having fdquency up to 1.8GHz. The efficiency is greatly improved. With 22nm lithography process, it features low power consumption and high performance. Audio and video entertainment, large games and file collaboration can be handled effortlessly.

Station P1 Pro

Price US$214.50
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Small and portable, Station P1 is equipped with a metal case and can be used immediately when powered on. It possesses Firefly Geek Entertainment System. Station OS on which the desktop and media modes can be switched randomly to finish daily office work or play games for fun. Compatible with Android, Ubuntu and Phoenix OS.

Station P2

Price US$237.90
Availability: 1 In Stock

Redefine Mini PC! One-click flashing to various operating systems. Small size but with endless possibilities. StationOS Entertainment, Desktop PC Experiance, OpenWRT Smart Router, Armbian Linux OS or your imagination, all you can do with this small powerfull RK3568 quad-core 64-bit Cortex-A55 processor enabled machine.

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