Boingfire BFN5KB System
Boingfire BFN5KB System
Boingfire BFN5KB System
Boingfire BFN5KB System
Boingfire BFN5KB System
Boingfire BFN5KB System
Boingfire BFN5KB System
Boingfire BFN5KB System
Boingfire BFN5KB System
Boingfire BFN5KB System

Boingfire BFN5KB System

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The BFN5K is a powerful and versatile multi-purpose system designed to meet a wide range of needs, from open-source projects to proprietary software solutions. The system comes with 1-year standard Warranty, extended warranty will extend your warranty to 2 Years. TPM2.0 and Multiple wifi cards capability makes this system a great choice for your project.

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Memory Size:
Storage Size:
Power Supply

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Running on an Intel Atom E3845 a versatile and powerful solution tailored for a wide range of applications, from cutting-edge open-source projects to customized proprietary operating systems. Designed with flexibility at its core, the BFN5KB combines the robust BFN5 System Board and the sleek, durable BFCASE5BS enclosure, powered by a reliable 65W power supply to ensure smooth and efficient operation.

This system is not just about power and adaptability, it's built with security in mind. The inclusion of TPM 2.0 offers a secure foundation for implementing systems where data protection and integrity are paramount. Whether you're developing a secure financial platform, a sensitive data analysis tool, or a robust control system, the BFN5KB provides the security features you need to protect your critical applications.

With support for up to 8GB of RAM and multiple storage options, including mSATA, eMMC, and SATAII, the BFN5KB system offers the performance to handle demanding tasks and the flexibility to store vast amounts of data. Whether you're running complex databases, high-performance computing tasks, or multimedia applications, this system has the capacity to meet and exceed your requirements.

The BFN5KB System is perfect for developers, IT professionals, and businesses looking for a customizable, secure, and powerful computing solution. Its compatibility with both open-source and proprietary operating systems allows you to tailor the system to your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance for your unique applications.

Explore the possibilities with the BFN5KB System—where power, flexibility, and security meet to empower your projects and solutions. Available now for those who demand expert sales experience and a product that stands out in the digital landscape. Unlock the potential of your applications with the BFN5KB System, your gateway to innovation and reliability in one package.

One of the highlights of the BFN5K is its customization capabilities. You can tailor the system to your specific needs, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Embrace the future of computing with the BFN5K multi-purpose system, where power, flexibility, and affordability converge.

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Product Details

Intel Atom E3845 2M Cache (AES-NI)
Base Frequency
Processor Cores
4 (Quad Core)
DDR3L 1333MHz SODIMM, 8GB (Max)
1 x SATAII with 3.0Gbps (Internal Connector)
Display Resolution
2560 x 1600 @ 60Hz
Ethernet Ports
3 x RJ45 Gigabit
Ethernet Controller
Intel i211AT
Serial ports
1 x RJ45 External, 2 x TTL
Display Output
HDMI (1.4a)
24-bit GPIOs
12V ±10% only
Power Adapter
12v-5A (Fully Loaded System)
eMMC, SATA, mSATA (Selectable)
Reset Button
1 x Front Pinhole, 1 x Rear Button
MiniPCI-e slots
1 x 4G/LTE, WiFi
1 x WiFi
1 x mSATA
Cooling Fan
Storage Humidity
5 – 95% RH
Operating Humidity
10 – 90% RH
Operating Temprature
0°C to 60°C
Storage Temprature
-40°C to + 85 °C
6 x 7.5 x 1.5 IN (LxWxH)
2.4 Lbs (Approx.)


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