Standard BFN4 Enclosure
Standard BFN4 Enclosure
Standard BFN4 Enclosure
Standard BFN4 Enclosure
Standard BFN4 Enclosure
Standard BFN4 Enclosure

Standard BFN4 Enclosure

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Elevate your deployments with the advanced and versatile CASE4BA. Building upon the trusted foundation of the CASE4BS, this latest model brings added flair and functionality.

The CASE4BA stands out as the enclosure of choice for those looking to seamlessly blend functionality with style. Ideal for diverse deployment scenarios, it promises customization like never before.

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Introducing the Black Aluminum Anodized Enclosure, a versatile and durable enclosure designed to meet the needs of various deployments. With its sleek and professional appearance, this enclosure offers a range of features to ensure seamless functionality and easy access.

The front of the enclosure is equipped with a pin-hole that provides convenient access to the mode, power, and reset buttons. Additionally, there are LED indicators for power and HDD activity, allowing for quick visual feedback on the device’s status. To ensure stability and prevent slippage, rubber feet are included, providing a secure grip on any surface.

Assembly is made simple with the included screws, allowing for easy integration of the board into the enclosure. The enclosure closure ensures a snug fit, protecting the internal components from external elements and potential damage.

For enhanced connectivity, the enclosure is designed with two cutouts specifically tailored for SMA antenna connectors, enabling reliable wireless communication. The rear of the enclosure features four Ethernet cutouts, HDMI and USB ports, as well as a power connector, providing extensive connectivity options for various peripherals and devices. Additionally, the enclosure includes pushable power and reset buttons, allowing for convenient control and system management.

Built to accommodate the BFN4 board, this enclosure is specifically tailored for compatibility, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal performance. Whether it’s for industrial, commercial, or personal use, the Black Aluminum Anodized Enclosure offers a stylish and functional solution for a wide range of deployments.



  • Sleek Design: Black aluminum anodized finish gives a professional, robust look.
  • User-Friendly Front: Features a pin-hole for mode, power, and reset buttons along with LED indicators for power and HDD activity.
  • Stability Ensured: Rubber feet prevent slippage and maintain stability.
  • Antenna Ready: Four SMA cutouts designed specifically for antenna integration, optimizing signal strength.
  • SIM Accessibility: Front SIM cutout facilitates easy SIM card installation, perfect for applications needing cellular connectivity.
  • Assembly Ease: Comes with screws for seamless board integration.
  • BFN4 Board Compatibility: Perfect fit for the BFN4 board, ensuring peak performance.

Product Details

Ethernet Cutout: 4 x Ethernet
HDMI Cutout: Yes
SIM Cutout: No
SMA Cutout: 2
Serial Cutout: 1 x Rear Serial Port RJ45
Aluminum Anodized
359 grams

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