BFN6 Black Case Standard
BFN6 Black Case Standard
BFN6 Black Case Standard
BFN6 Black Case Standard
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BFN6 Black Case Standard
BFN6 Black Case Standard
BFN6 Black Case Standard
BFN6 Black Case Standard

BFN6 Black Case Standard

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Upgrade your BFN6 board setup with our custom enclosure to accomodate upto seven SMA connectors cutouts to leverage multiple wifi or LTE card antenna connections. Additionally, its design supports an internal SATA drive kit. With included screws, assembly becomes a breeze, ensuring your board and enclosure are securely integrated. Plus, its surface is conducive for port labeling and branding. For those seeking a streamlined rack solution, this enclosure is also fully compatible with RACKMount brackets. 

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The BFN6 Black Case Standard, model BFCASE6BS, is a premium enclosure designed specifically for housing the BFN6 system boards by Boingfire. Crafted from high-quality aluminum and finished with a sleek anodized black coating, this case combines durability with a modern aesthetic. It features seven SMA cutouts, accommodating various antenna configurations for enhanced connectivity options.

The design of the BFN6 Black Case emphasizes efficient thermal management through strategically placed ventilation holes, ensuring optimal cooling for the system components within. This attention to airflow helps maintain system performance and longevity, even under sustained loads. Additionally, the case is equipped with precise cutouts for LED indicators and the power/reset buttons, maintaining easy access to essential functions without compromising on protection.

A notable convenience feature is the SIM insert cutout, which simplifies the process of adding or changing a SIM card for systems that require cellular connectivity. This detail underscores the case's design, focused on supporting the diverse connectivity needs of embedded systems.

For those seeking a personalized touch, the option to request custom colors is available, offering flexibility for projects or deployments that require a specific visual presentation. The BFN6 Black Case Standard is not just an enclosure but a well-thought-out solution that blends form and function, tailored to meet the needs of advanced embedded applications facilitated by the BFN6 boards.


Features Highlights:

  • Compatible with BFN6 Boards
  • Screw set for enclosure and board assembly
  • Aluminum Anodized Enclosure
  • Port Labeling and Branding friendly
  • Two SIM Cutout at front and back, 7 x SMA Cutouts, LED Cutout at front
  • SFP Cutout
  • Rackmount available.

Product Details

Back Cutouts
1 x RJ45 Serial, 3 x Ethernet, 2 x USB, 1 x Power Supply, 7 x SMA
Front Cutouts
1 x SIM, LEDs
Aluminum Anodized
Package Includes
Screws, Rubber Feet, Cable Holder
359 grams

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