Onion boards are small components with rich features and flexibility. Design of Onion boards are components make it different than other boards as there is no HDMI port or big ports to keep the size reduced. However, you can still add expansion cards to make it with accordance to your project. Onion Omega 2+ is compatible with ARDUINO as well.

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Onion Relay Expansion

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The Relay Expansion enables your Omega to control two other, independent electrical circuits. The circuits are isolated from the Omega and can operate at much higher or lower voltages than the Omega. So you can control other circuits you’ve built or small household appliances rated up to 60W. This Expansion is perfect for home automation projects since it gives you the ability to control other devices remotely using your Omega.

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The Proto Expansion for the Onion Omega allows you to create your very own expansion that interfaces with your Omega. It provides a small soldering area and 30-pin header that plugs into the Expansion Dock. With it you will have full control over what kind of project you design for your Omega.

Onion Expansion Dock

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The Expansion Dock provides an easy way to power the Omega with any Micro USB cable and breaks out the Omega’s GPIO pins. You can use them to control external circuits or connect Expansion boards to extend the functionality of your Omega. It also comes with an on-board USB-to-serial chip that allows you to access the terminal directly from your computer.

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The Ethernet Expansion adds an Ethernet port to your Omega with a maximum connection speed of 100Mbps. While the Omega is all about wireless connectivity, a reliable wired network connection can be a great addition to a project, and the Ethernet Expansion is a great tool for quickly reflashing your Omega’s firmware.

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