The included New VIM Heatsink is sufficient for passive cooling whilst running Android and CoreELEC. Adding the 3705 Cooling Fan is recommended, if you frequently run Linux or other 3rd party distros,

The Tone Board VIMs Edition can be purchased if you want to build a Volumio end-point. The Tone Board enables high-fidelity digital-to-analog conversion of DSD, WAV, FLAC and other high bit-rate audio files.

Add the Heat Pad for Metal Plate for additional passive cooling. This thermal pad will conduct heat from VIM3L into the Metal Plate, which should be placed on a thermally conductive surface.

What's in the Box:

  • VIM3L (S905D3, 2 / 16GB)
  • New VIM Heatsink
  • Transparent DIY Case
  • Metal Plate (for DIY Case)
  • IR Remote
  • Wi-Fi Antenna x2



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