CorpVoIP 3CX SuperCharged - 12 Users
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CorpVoIP 3CX SuperCharged - 12 Users

Ready Made VoIP™ SMB

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Save $100 every Month ($1200 Annually)

This Monthly package  with a 1 year Term, sets your business up for success with an award-winning all-in-one 3CX communication Solution - Maintenance and Hassle-free. Focus on your business, not on the systems. Businesses pay for their phone system, Remote Support system, Video Conferencing solution, File sharing and much more. We cover your all needs under one package. Manage your remote workforce under one system. Integration is an issue for you? No worries you are fully covered under this package.

  • Unlimited Canada/USA calling
  • Enterprise Features included
  • Chat, Voice Mail, Video Conferencing
  • Call Forwarding, 3 Way Calling
  • Auto Managed System
  • Basic Support Included

Promotional Prices - Limited Time Offer



Some of the main features of this package include:

  • Supports up to 20 User extentions. (Need more? Contact sales)
  • Make or Receive up to 4 phone calls at the same time.
  • Phone numbers in any Canada/US area code.
  • Unlimited Canada/USA calling*.
  • App-free Video conferencing with up to 100 Users.
  • Work remotely with smartphone apps or Windows Client.
  • Live Chat from your website.
  • Facebook Messenger Chat.
  • SMS Phone Numbers Available.
  • Chat with your customers on Facebook, Website or SMS using one simple interface/screen
  • 1 Year 3CX Pro licence FREE ($210 value)
  • 1 Year 3CX Hosting FREE ($100 value)
  • Basic Support Plan Included ($449)



Chat: Maximize website conversions


  • Convert visitors to leads & sales.

  • Elevate chats to calls or video.

  • No need to buy Chat Service

  • One easy interface for all.





Video Conferencing: App-free & Easy


  • Built-in, Save on Conferencing Subscription.

  • Presentation & Remote Assistance Tool.

  • Smartphone apps to meet on-the-go.

  • One Solution covers business & Service.





PBX: Reinvented for remote workforce


  • Built for remote working.

  • Easy to install and Manage.

  • Reports for complete visibility.

  • Secure, reliable, flexible and User friendly interface.




Common Question Asked By Our Customers For This Package

Who can take advantage of this package?

 This package is designed to meet the modern communication needs of any new or existing business wanting to enjoy Enterprise level functionality at SMB rates.


How this package is different than any other package in the market?

Over the last 10 years, we’ve supported business growth through innovative uses of IT products and services.  In the VoIP market, we noticed many instances where Telecom Vendors/Agents use the consultation phase to maximize their revenue through hidden fees, upselling clients on unnecessary features or charging extra for built-in core features. This package was designed to provide your business with an award-winning full communications solution with complete, up-front and transparent pricing.


I am a business person, I Don’t have time to get into new technology to make my life difficult, is there anything for me here?

 We have you covered.  Your setup will be done by our certified in-house experts and as a bonus, we include our Basic Support Plan for free for the 1st year. If you need to make any changes or have any questions, just shoot us a ticket and we will take care of it. We also provide easy to follow guides to help you reduce costs and get the most value from your purchase.


I need to set up my users but I want CorpShadow to set up 3 users for me, can you do that?

You can use the included Basic support Plan hours for any request related to your purchase.  So, no problem at all.


Can I change my plan during the 1st Year if my requirement changes and need more than 12 users?

Yes, you can change your plan to any number of users as well as business phone lines.


I need a toll-free number with this package, will the price remain the same?

You can change one of the included phone numbers to be a toll-free number or add a separate toll-free number.  Please note toll-free numbers have an additional usage charge of 3.9c per minute.


Can I get a physical/Desk Phone with this package?

You can add any 3CX supported phone with this package.  If the phone is purchased from CorpShadow, we include full configuration of the phone with this package for free.  


I provide services to my customer how can I take advantage of this package?

Contact us based on your lead. We will work with you to help your customer as well as your business.


What is 3CX?

3CX is a software-based private branch exchange based on the SIP standard. It enables extensions to make calls via the public switched telephone network or via Voice over Internet Protocol services.


Do I need a Desk phone for this package?

You can have one if you want, if you want to use only computers to make calls or through your iPhone or Android phone to use as your business phone, you are all set. Your cell number will be different than your business number.  


Some Features are mentioned as Add-on, Do I have to pay for them?

 Optional add on services and features are available for you with this package and are priced separately.  You can, however, use the included support hours in this package to configure these optional add-ons with this package as per your business requirements. For instance, greeting messages can be uploaded by our support team or you can purchase company wide call recording and use the support hours to have it configured.


How will it work if I order a package today?

After submitting your order, you will get a simple form to submit with any additional required information.  We process your order within 1 business day of receiving the required info and immediately send out a welcome package with all the necessary details so you can start enjoying the benefits of your new system right away.

Product Details

Available (Add-on)
Bundled Basic Support
Remote Assistance
Screen Sharing
Call Reports and Dashboards
Standby License
Requiires Enterprise License
Unlimited Canada/USA Calling*
One phone number, multiple devices
Auto-Attendant/Virtual Receptionist
Available (Add-On)
Voicemail to email
Ring Groups - Departments
Individual Call Recording
Available (Add-On)
Companywide Call Recording
Available (Add-On)
Soft Phone - Android/IOS
Call Logs & History
Host a webinar with up to
CRM Integrations
Available (Add-On)
Microsoft Teams Integration
Available (Add-On)
Microsoft 365 Integration
Available (Add-On)
Plug & Play Phone Provisioning
Available (3CX Supported Models)
Business SMS
Available (Add-On)
Call forwarding
3 Way Calling
Caller ID and Name Display
Call Transfer
Call Hold
Extention Dialling
Web Phone
Team Messaging
Call Queues
Available (Add-On)
Mobile Phone Twinning
Hunt Groups
Available (Add-On)
Answering Rules & Time Frames
Available (Add-On)
Call Blocking
Call Screening
Custom Music on Hold
Custom Messaging on Hold
Chat & Call Reporting
Click2Call / Click2Meet
Available (Add-On)
Escalate Chat to Call
Facebook Messaging
Available (Add-On)
Live Chat
Call Flow Designer
Included (Add-On)
Connect Remote Offices (Bridges)
Available (Add-On)
Start / Stop Call Recording Rights
Requiires Enterprise License
Custom IP Phone Logo
Requiires Enterprise License
Inbuilt Failover
Requiires Enterprise License
Video Conferencing Participants
Video Conference Dial-In
Hot Desking
Available (Add-On)
PDF Sharing
911 Registration

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