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Tone2 is our second generation Tone Board from Khadas that incorporates a variety of user feedback from our first-gen product, the Tone1. Tone2 utilizes the powerful XMOS XU208 processor with 8 cores & 8 threads for high performance bit-perfect decoding. Decode up to 768KHz PCM and DSD 512 (Native) audio files and enjoy digital master quality audio....
ODROID-N2+ Ubuntu Bundle (Assembled) ODROID-N2+ Ubuntu Bundle (Assembled) 2
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An eMMC module is a small, high-speed storage device designed for ODROID systems. With a capacity ranging from 8GB to 128GB, it provides reliable and fast storage for operating systems, applications, and data. The eMMC module is a convenient alternative to using a microSD card for storage, offering improved performance and longevity. *Note: We do not...
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