You're probably itching to make some fun embedded computer projects with ODROID-C2 or ODROID-C1+. What you need is an add-on prototyping T-breakout board, which can release the power GPIO, I2C, ADC pins from the 40 pin header onto a solderless breadboard. This set will make "cobbling together" prototypes super easy.

This kit comes with the many items below.
- Assembled T-breakout PCB -  40Pin GPIO Breakout board
- Breadboard - 630 Tie-points with dual power lanes
- 40pin Ribbon cable - IDC Flat cable 100mm
- 40pin Male-to-Male Dupont jumper Wire 170mm
- 7 x Green LED 3mm
- 7 x Yellow LED 3mm
- 7 x Red LED 3mm
- 2 x Photo Cell (CdS Light sensor)
- 6 x Tact Swithc
- 50 x 330 Ohm 1/6W resister
- 50 x 10K Ohm 1/6W resister


Introduction C Tinkering Kit on Ubuntu



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