Select one GPIO cable for your ODROID

- 7 pin GPIO ribbon cable for C1+ / C2   


- 12 pin GPIO ribbon cable for XU4

Tested with the latest Android and Ubuntu OS for XU4, C2 and C1+. No soldering needed. It is ready to go. 
OS - If you have an older version of OS, update it to the latest version first. 
This uses I2S as digital sound standard for audio output. 
It is super easy.  You'll be rockin' out in 15 minutes.

Step1. Plug 2 x 2 Watt 4 ohm stereo speakers to the connector on the Boom Bonnet board and attach with sticky glue. 
Step2. Connect the GPIO ribbon cable one side to the Boom Bonnet board and the other side to your ODROID board. 
Step3. Update the OS to the latest version. 

You can easily adjust the audio output level with the potentiometer on the board.
Enjoy the stereo BOOM sound! 

Detailed WiKi page for Software settings and Hardware schematics

Package includes:
- Stereo Boom Bonnet board
- 2 x 2 Watt / 4 ohm mini speakers (28mm diameter, 11.5mm thickness)
- 3 x 5mm PCB spacers
- 3 x 5mm screws


Data sheet

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Stereo Boom Bonnet Schematic

Download (274.85k)

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