UPS kit for ODROID-M1S
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UPS kit for ODROID-M1S

UPS kit for ODROID-M1S

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The UPS(Uninterrupted Power Supply) Kit is designed specifically for the ODROID-M1S.
It is equipped with a 18650 rechargeable Li-Ion battery holder, charger control IC and a 5Volt Boost DCDC.
There is a small MCU on the board which measures the battery level and communicate with the ODROID-M1S board via USB interface.


When the AC power source is removed, the UPS keeps supplying the power to the ODROID-M1S boards with the battery.

The M1S-UPS has a USB serial port(ttyACM) to communicate with so that it can trigger the shutdown process by sending a low battery warning.

It will significantly reduce the risk of data loss by sudden power loss.

When the AC power source becomes available again, the UPS will supply power to the ODROID-M1S again and trigger a power-on event automatically.

Power Input
Dc Input Voltage DC 4.8V ~ 5.4V
DC Input Current 3A Min.
Charging Time 5 ~ 9 hours
Battery Charging Current 500mA Max.
Power Ouput
DC Output Current 3A Max.
DC Output Voltage 5.2 V
Recommended Battery
Type Protected Li-Ion 18650 cylindrical cell
Capacity 2400~3600 mAh
Nominal Voltage 3.7 V
Estimated ODROID-M1S running time (500mA @ 5V) About 3~4 hours with a fully charged battery

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