• Frequency range: 2400-2500/5100-5800 MHz
  • Bandwidth: 100–700MHz
  • VSWR: ≤ 2.0
  • Gain: 2 dBi
  • Impedance: 50 ohm
  • Polarisation: Vertical
  • Radiation: Omnidirectional
  • Maximum power: 10W
  • Connector: SMA (female)
  • Antenna dimensions: 108 mm × 10 mm
  • Shell material: ABS
  • Installation: Screw
  • Operating Temperature: -35 to +75°C
  • Weight: ± 3 g

Physical Specification


Fitting Instructions

  • Connect the U.FL connector on the cable to the U.FL-compatible connector on Compute Module 4
  • Screw the toothed washer onto the SMA (male) connector on the cable, then insert this SMA connector through a hole (e.g. 6.4 mm) in the end-product mounting panel
  • Screw the SMA connector into place with the retaining hexagonal nut and washer
  • Screw the SMA (female) connector on the antenna onto the SMA (male) connector which now protrudes through the mounting panel
  • Adjust the antenna to its final position by turning it through up to 90°, as shown in the illustration below


The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 Antenna Kit has undergone extensive compliance testing and meets the standards required in many countries. You can find all compliance information and regional certificates at raspberrypi.org/compliance.


Data sheet


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