Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is known to be one of the pioneer projects in IoT boards and since day one Raspberry Pi is the best choice for low-cost projects but not only limited to it but many commercial projects are based on Raspberry Pi. These boards are dominant in the market due to a variety of compatible components availability. Raspberry Pi is not only compatible with supported Linux distributions but also Windows 10 IoT.

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Are you bothered by the heat problem of the Raspberry Pi? Don't worry, we have prepared a set of heat dissipation solutions for Raspberry Pi 4B. These black aluminum heat sinks of various sizes adopt a slotted design on the surface, which is more conducive to heat dissipation. They also come with adhesive backing for easy installation.

Flirc USB (v2)

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Flirc allows you to pair any remote control with your computer or media center (Including the Raspberry Pi!). Just walk through our super simple cross platform pairing application, and you're done. Use your previously paired remote with no additional software on any machine with Flirc.

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Make your Pi a little slimmer with this microSD card adapter board. It slides in where the SD card goes but is half the length. Pop in a microSD card for a sleeker machine. The microSD card holder is a push-push type so you can push on the edge that sticks out to remove the card when necessary. 

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