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MIXTILE Edge 2 Kit MIXTILE Edge 2 Kit 2
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MIXTILE Edge 2 Kit

Mixtile Edge 2 Kit is an interface-rich IoT edge computer with a considerable possibility of applications that can be developed with high performance, low power consumption, and low cost. It has two external Wi-Fi antennas and reserved space for six antennas. Utilizing these antennas opens up a lot of opportunities for integrating wireless technologies....
Edge 2 SBC Edge 2 SBC 2
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Edge 2 SBC

The Mixtile Edge 2 is a versatile embedded computing unit that features a 4-core CPU, 2-core GPU, and comes preloaded with Android 11 and Linux container. It offers comprehensive hardware with production-ready software for use as a development platform or as a ready-to-run device. Get your applications up and running quickly with the Mixtile Edge 2.
Blade 3 Blade 3 2
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Blade 3

8-Core CPU 4-Core GPU stackable single-board computer, preload Ubuntu 22.04. Equipped with Octa-core 64-bit processor, maximum of 32GB RAM and 256GB eMMC storage, multiple peripheral interfaces including 4-lane PCIe Gen3, SATA 3.0, MIPI CSI, and dual 2.5Gb Ethernet.
Mixtile Four-Node Cluster Box Mixtile Four-Node Cluster Box 2
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Mixtile Four-Node Cluster Box

Mixtile Cluster Box is a PCIe switcher that can connect up to four Mixtile Blade 3 boards through PCIe interfaces, which allows for multi-node computation. Compared with a single Blade 3 board, this 4-node clustering provides boosted computing performance, faster networking, and expansive storage capacity. Pre-Oder Products. Expected to deliver in late...
Mixtile Core 3588E Mixtile Core 3588E 2
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Mixtile Core 3588E

Mixtile Core 3588E is a compact system-on-module based on RK3588, 260-pin edge connector in a small form factor (69.6 x 45 mm). All Pins are compatible with Nvidia Jetson TX2 NX Carrier Board. It has built-in NPU, and AI performance is up to 6 TOPS. With its strong compatibility, network models can be easily converted based on a series of frameworks such...
Core 3588E Heatsink Core 3588E Heatsink 2
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Core 3588E Heatsink

Core 3588E Heatsink is a cooling fan dedicated for Mixtile Core 3588E modules. Featuring dual ball bearing with four-wire PWM temperature control, it ensures that your Core 3588E module runs stably and smoothly even under heavy workload.
Blade 3 Case Blade 3 Case 2
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Blade 3 Case

The Blade 3 Case is designed specifically for the needs and functionality of the Mixtile Blade 3. The built-in breakout board transfers the U.2 port of Blade 3 board to M.2 Key-M connector for installing M.2 NVMe SSD.
Blade 3 Breakout Board Blade 3 Breakout Board 2
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Blade 3 Breakout Board

The daisy-chain topology used to cluster Mixtile Blade 3 boards is more economical, more user-friendly, and faster. Therefore, Mixtile provides the custom breakout board and some custom cables. N Blade 3 boards stacking requires N Breakout Boards and N-1 cables.
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