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12V/1.5A Power Supply (EU)

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This adapter can be used with ALIX.1 boards, which require 12V power. Not recommended for other ALIX boards, which have the 2.1 mm instead of 2.5 mm jack.Compact size AC adapter, saves space on power strips.

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It is card reader and writer, you can fastly transfer your data from your card to your PC, or from your PC to your card. just plug and play! No external power required and NO need to install drivers. Suitable to transfer Images on CF Cards for ALIX /APU boards or others.

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Designed for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, these cases are durable and strong.
Besides, the product offers a high heat conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance, which is able to better protect your Pi board.
The anodizing process performed on the surface of the metal greatly improves the quality of the case visually and tactually.
All ports and slots of the case can match with Raspberry Pi 4 Model B perfectly.

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3510 Version Extreme Cooling Fan Kit For Raspberry Pi 4B is a brandnew Cooling system for your Raspberry Pi 4B.
It's a completely new radiator, and it's a very cool cooling system after the armor shell.
The fan is 3510 version and more powerful but still quite when it is running.
Two aluminum blocks will touch the MCU tightly and good for the heat dissipation.
It's with good-looking appearance, and easy to assemble.

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