SmartPower 3
SmartPower 3
SmartPower 3
SmartPower 3
SmartPower 3
SmartPower 3
SmartPower 3
SmartPower 3
SmartPower 3
SmartPower 3

SmartPower 3

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SmartPower 3 is an intelligent power switch designed for ODROID boards and other SBCs. It provides a safe and efficient way to turn on and off your device, as well as monitor the power usage and temperature in real-time. With its compact size and easy-to-use interface, SmartPower 3 is an essential tool for any ODROID project.

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The easy way to make a Green platform. The ODROID Smart Power3 is an easily deployable power supply that collects voltage, current and power of the system load to enable developers to optimize energy consumption. LCD shows voltage, current and watt simultaneously. You can also see the graphical energy transient on your PC via a USB interface.





  • ODROID Smart Power3
  • USB-C data cable
  • DC plug cable(5.5mm/2.1mm) x 2(L type/S type) for ODROID-XU4/ODROID-N2+/ODROID-C4
  • Power Supply as per selection.



SmartPower3 Odroid



Output Channels Two output channels (Max 50W + 50W)  
Output Voltage DC 3.0 V ~ Input voltage -1 V  
Output Current DC 3A (Max) per channel  
Measurement Voltage, Current, Watt : Maximum sampling rate : 200Hz (5msec interval)  
Tolerant 3% typical  
LCD 480×320 3.5“ TFT LCD IPS grade wide viewing angle A
LED RED(Power), BLUE(Alive) C, D
Button ON/OFF/Menu/Cancel, Output Channel On/Off B, E, F
Encoder Button Select/Setup G
Encoder Dial Adjust Voltage and Ampere
USB-C port Data communication with PC (5ms ~ 1s sampling rate), F/W Upgrade H
Output Terminal 4mm diameter banana jack x 2 J, I
Input Voltage DC 9V ~ 21V K


Hardware (Schematics & Datasheet)



odroid smartpower3

Smart Power 3


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