The four-lane MIPI-DSI port can be directly connected to an LCD panel. An 8inch 800×1280 wide viewing angle LCD and the capacitive multi-touch screen are pre-assembled. 

If you assemble the ODROID-M1 single-board computer on the rear side of the Vu8M kit, you can easily implement a Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) device. The U bracket PCB is included to dock ODRMOD-M1 to Vu8M.


·         8-inch TFT-LCD

·         800(H) x 3(RGB) x 1280(V) pixels hardware resolution

·         Mechanical Dimensions: 198(W) x 133.0(H)

·         Viewable screen size: 172.224 x 107.64 mm (active area)

·         5 fingers capacitive touch input

·         Power consumption : 2.4W ± 10% (100% duty cycle)


Package includes



A)  Assembled 8inch TFT LCD + multi touch screen
B)  3 x M3*40(black) support  (spare included)
C)  11 x PM3.0 x 7(black) bolt (spare included)
D)  2 x 60 mm FPCB cable
E)  MIPI DSI converter board for M1
F)  LCD bracket board for M1
G)  2 x U form bracket board for M1

Assembly Guide




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