All Ports Available

All of the Raspberry Pi's ports are available, and the light pipes ensure you can keep an eye on the LED activity light from outside of the case.

The case also includes dedicated slots below the lid for GPIO, CSI and DSI cables, and even features a clever SD card holder inside the case!

Fan Cooling Option

The lid features a fan mounting section to mount one of our 5V GPIO fans. Simply fit the fan to the lid using the screws included in our fan kits and plug the fan into the GPIO header (red = 5V, black = GND).

Even with a fan fitted, the case can still fit one of our XL heatsinks or our heatsink sets.

Note: When fitting one of our fans to the case, make sure the white sticker on the fan is facing the Pi. The screws that come with our fans are compatible with the case, but only when used this way.

Stack high!

Optional spacer layers (available separately) are designed to be stacked up to 5 spacers high so that your case can grow with your project (additional screws are required for more than 1 spacer, which are also available separately).

Please note: Due to the lid's fan mounting points, spacers will be required to fit most HATs.

Large rubber feet are also included with the case to ensure your project is sturdy and rattle-free.


Raspberry Pi 4 two-part (lid & base) plastic case
LED Status Light Pipes
Pi is fixed to the case with screws for a secure fitting
Secure case locking via screws (included)
Airflow - Internal volume perfect for adding heat sinks
GPIO 40-pin ribbon cable slot
Combined CSI camera cable and DSI video cable slot
Internal SD Card Holder
Streamlined looks
Dedicated wall mounting points
Matt finish body with gloss lid
Available in black and clear
Designed in the UK
Strong & Durable ABS Plastic

Case Dimensions

Length: 104.95mm
Width: 74.95mm
Height: 36.00mm
Modular Add-On Options Include the Following:

Micro SD Card Cover

Flush, lockable and tamper-proof
Secure your micro-SD card from probing fingers
Protect your micro-SD card from accidental knocks & bangs
10mm Stackable Spacers

Allows your case to be used with HATs
Spacers raise the internal height by 10mm
Can be stacked to increase internal height by up to 50mm (5 spacers)
Great for embedded applications and hobbyist projects
VESA Mounts

Two Types Available Depending on VESA Spacing
VESA Splash Enables the use of MIS-D 75/100 M4
VESA Slice Enables the use of MIS-F 200mm M6
Great for media & signage applications e.g. hiding the Pi behind a monitor or TV



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